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3D PDF  (THREE Dimensional Portable Document Format)

720P/24  (720 Progressive / 24 hertz)

720P/25  (720 Progressive / 25 hertz)

720P/30  (720 Progressive / 30 hertz)

A2DP-SNK  (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile - SiNK)

A2DP-SRC  (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile - SouRCe)

AADL  (Architecture Analysis & Design Language)

AAR  (Axis ARchive)

ACD  (Average Component Dependency)

ADABAS  (Adaptable DAtaBAse System)

ADI  (Advanced Distance Integration)

ADS  (Archetypal Domain Shape)

ADT  (Android Developer Tools)

AF  (AutoFokus)

AGEDIS  (Automated Generation and Execution of test suites for DIstributed component based Software)

ALPN  (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation)

AMAM  (Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines)

AMF  (Action Message Format)


APE  (Adaptable Persistence Engine)

ARIS  (ARchitektur Integrierter informationsSysteme)

ASCET  (Advanced Simulation and Control Engineering Tool)

ASHLI  (Advanced SHader Language Interface)

ATA ON MMC  (Advanced Technology Attachment ON MultiMedia Card)

ATL  (Atlas Transformation Language)

A-TTL  (Advanced - Through The Lens)

AUTD  (Always Up To Date)

AVD  (Android Virtual Device)

AVK  (Anit-Viren-Kit)

BAM  (Business Activity Monitoring)

BCI  (ByteCode Instrumentation)

BCL  (Binary Code License)

BCLA  (Binary Code License Agreement)

BCS  (Business Critical Servers)

BD+  (Blu-ray Disc PLUS)

BDSVM  (Blu-ray Disc Secure Virtual Machine)

BIG5  (BIG 5 companies)

BIZEC  (BUSiness application SECurity initiative)

BNA  (Bundesnetzagentur)

BPE  (Business Process Engine)

BSH  (BeanSHell)

BYOD  (Bring Your Own Device)

CAAD  (Computer-Aided Architectural Design)

CCC  (Catalyst Control Center)

CDA  (Compact Disc Audio)

CDM  (Common Data Model)

CDP  (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

CE-ATA  (Consumer Electronics-Advanced Technology Attachment)

CEDIA  (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association)

CEF  (Chromium Embedded Framework)

CI  (Continuous Integration)

CLEV  (CyberLink Eagle Vision)

CLNR  (CyberLink Noise Reduction)

CLS  (Creative Lighting Systems)


CME  (Common Malware Enumeration)

CNIL  ()

COA  (Certificate Of Authority)

CQL  (Cassandra Query Language)

CSCP  (Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile)

CSS3  (Cascading Style Sheets level 3)

CVSUP  (Concurrent Version System UPdate)

CX  (Customer eXperience)

CXF  (CeltiXFire)

D2D  (Direct TO Document object model (DOM))

DAB+  (Digital Audio Broadcasting PLUS)

DAP  (Domain Application Protocol)

DBUNIT  (DataBase UNIT testing)

DCM  (Dual Chip Module)

DDR3  (Double Data Rate 3)

DDR3-1066  (Double Data Rate 3 - 1066 megahertz)

DDR3-1333  (Double Data Rate 3 - 1333 megahertz)

DDR3-1600  (Double Data Rate 3 - 1600 megahertz)

DDR3-1866  (Double Data Rate 3 - 1866 megahertz)

DDR3-2133  (Double Data Rate 3 - 2133 megahertz)

DDR3-800  (Double Data Rate 3 - 800 megahertz)

DFSS  (Design For Six Sigma)

DIMSUM  (Dimension Independent Matrix Square Using Map reduce)

DITA  (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

DITROFF  (Device Independent Typesetter I'll Run OFF a copy (TROFF))

DMADV  (Define - Measure - Analyse - Design - Verify)

DMAIC  (Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control)

DMN  (Decision Model and Notation)

DMOZ  (Directory of MOZilla)

DMS-59  (Dual Monitor Solution - 59 pins)

DRAMEXCHANGE  (Dynamic Random Access Memory EXCHANGE)

DS  (Data Services)

DSDM  (Dynamic Systems Development Method)

DSLR  (Digital Single-Lens Reflex)

DSO  (Distributed Shared Objects)

DSP  (Data Services Platform)


DZUG  (Deutsche Z object publishing environment (ZOPE) User Group)

EAM  (Enterprise Architecture Management)

ECO  (Enterprise Core Objects)

ECRIT  (Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies)

EDA  (Event-Driven Architecture)


EII  (Enterprise Information Integration)

EJOSA  (Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture)

EMM  (Enterprise Mobility Management)

EMP  (Eclipse Modelling Project)

E-MU  (Electronic MUsic systems)

EOA  (End Of Auction)

EP  (Event Processing)

EPK  (Ereignisgesteuerte ProzessKette)

EPL  (Event Processing Language)

EPM  (Enterprise Performance Management)

EQL  (Event Query Language)


ESCO  (Enhanced Synchronous Connection-Oriented)

ESX  (Elastic Sky X)

ESXI  (Elastic Sky X Integrated)

E-TTL  (Evaluative Through The Lens)

E-TTL II  (Evaluative Through The Lens II)

EUC-CN  (Extended Universal executor (UNIX) Coding ChiNese)

EUC-JP  (Extended Universal executor (UNIX) Coding JaPanese)

EUC-KR  (Extended Universal executor (UNIX) Coding KoRean)

EUC-TW  (Extended Universal executor (UNIX) Coding TaiWanese)

FEEL  (Friendly Enough Expression Language)

FLR  (Fixed Length Record)

FREECLX  (FREE Class Library for CROSS platform)

FREERADIUS  (FREE Remote Authentification Dial In User Service)

FSB1333  (Front Side Bus with 1333 megahertz)

FUSE  (Filesystem in USErspace)

GARP  (Generic Attribute Registration Protocol)

GDAL  (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library)

GDK  (Groovy Development Kit)

GDM  (Gnu network object model environment (GNOME) Display Manager)

GEWAR  (Google Earth WAR)

GIGA-IR  (GIGA InfraRed)

GIT LFS  (GIT Large File Storage)

GMAILFS  (Google MAIL File System)

GMRP  (Generic attribute registration protocol (GARP) Multicast Registration Protocol)

GPGPU  (General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit)

GPIO  (General-Purpose Input/Output)

GPLV2  (Gnu is not unix (GNU) Public License Version 2)

GROFF  (Gnu is not unix (GNU) typesetter I'll Run OFF a copy (TROFF))

GVRP  (Generic Virtual local area network (VLAN) Registration Protocol)

H+BEDV  (Hannelore und Betty Elektronische DatenVerarbeitung)

HAXM  (Hardware Accelerated eXecution Manager)

HBM  (HiBernate Mapping)

HCIS  (Health Care Information System)

HD-15  (High Density 15 pins)

HDFS  (Hadoop Distributed File System)

HD-PLC  (High Definition - PowerLine Communication)

HGA  (High Gain Antenna)

HPA  (HomePlug Alliance)

HPROF  (Heap PROFiling tool)

HTTP/2  (HyperText Transfer Protocol version 2)

HTX  (HyperTransport eXtended)

IBATIS  (Internet aBATIS)

ICS  (Internet Calendar Scheduling)

IFS  (Internal Field Separator)

IHE  (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

ILOM  (Integrated Lights Out Manager)

IMSM  (Intel Matrix Storage Manager)

INCOSE  (INternational COuncil on Systems Engineering)

IRI  (Internationalized Resource Identifier)

ISA  (Itanium Solution Alliance)

JAMOPP  (Java MOdel Parser and Printer)



JAXEN  (JA eXtensible markup language (XML) path (XPATH) ENgine)

JCEF  (Java Chromium Embedded Framework)

JDIC  (Java Desktop Integration Components)


JHAT  (Java Heap Analysis Tools)

JIMI  (Java IMage lIbrary)


JMOD  (Java MODule)

JMXMP  (Java Management eXtension Messaging Protocol)

JOAL  (Java Open Audio Library (OPENAL))

JOCL  (Java Open Computing Language (OPENCL))

JOGAMP  (Java Open Graphics, Audio, Media and Processing libraries)

JQUERY  (Javascript QUERY)

JSEFA  (Java Simple Exchange Format Application programming interface (API))


JSPX  (Java Server Pages eXtensible markup language (XML))

JUBL  (JUelicher Blue gene/L)

JUEL  (Java Unified Expression Language)

JUGENE  (JUelich blue GENE)

JUIC  (Java User Interface Compiler)

LEJOS  (LEgo Java Operating System)

LFC  (Laszlo Foundation Class)

LGA  (Low Gain Antenna)

LIQUIDVM  (LIQUID Virtual Machine)

LSP  (Liskov Substitution Principle)

M2T  (Model TO Text)

MAEC  (Malware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization)

MAM  (Mobile Application Management)

MBS  (Managed Build System)

MBSE  (Model-Based Systems Engineering)

MCM  (Mobile Content Management)

MDA4E  (Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) FOR Embedded systems)

MDM  (Mobile Device Management)

MDN  (Mozilla Developers Network)

MDTD  (Model Driven Test Development)

MEDIAFLO  (MEDIA Forward Link Only)

MINI-DIMM  (MINIature Dual Inline Memory Module)

MINIMO  (MINIature MOzilla)

MIR  (Medium InfraRed)

MKL  (Mathematics Kernel Library)

MLIB  (Machine learning LIBrary)

MMORPG  (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)

MMT  (Model to Model Transformation)

MOP  (Meta Object Protocol)

MOSCOW  (Must have, Should have, Could have, and Would like but won't get)

MRTP  (Multi-flow Real-time Transport Protocol)

MSC  (Message Sequence Chart)

MVVM  (Model View ViewModel)


MYDP  (MobilitY DisplayPort)

NANOG  (North American Network Operators Group)

NEDAP  (NEDerlandsche APparatenfabrik)

NPM  (Node Package Manager)

NRL  (Namespace Routing Language)

NWDI  (NetWeaver Development Initiative)

O/R  (Object / Relational)

OCEB  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Expert in Business process modeling notation (BPMN))

OCEB2  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Expert in Business process modeling notation (BPMN))

OCRES  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Real-time and Embedded Specialist)

OCSMP  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Systems Modeling Professional)

OCUP  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Unified modelling language (UML) Professional)

OCUP2  (Object management group (OMG) Certified Unified modelling language (UML) Professional 2)

OEM  (Oracle Enterprise Manager)

OHF  (Open Healthcare Framework)

OOXML  (Office Open eXtended Markup Language)

OPENCL  (OPEN Computing Language)

OPENCSA  (OPEN Composite Services Architecture)

OPENJDK  (OPEN Java Development Kit)

OPENSUSE  (OPEN Software Und SystemEntwicklung)

OTF  (OpenType Font)

PC3-12800  (Personal Computer 3 - 12800 megabytes/second)

PC3-14900  (Personal Computer 3 - 14900 megabytes/second)

PC3-17000  (Personal Computer 3 - 17000 megabytes/second)

PC3-6400  (Personal Computer 3 - 6400 megabytes/second)

PC3-8500  (Personal Computer 3 - 8500 megabytes/second)

PECL  (Php: hypertext preprocessor (PHP) Extension Community Library)


PLINK  (Pu tele typewriter (PUTTY) LINK)

PMML  (Predictive Model Markup Language)

PNY  (Private New York)

POOM  (Pocket Outlook Object Model)

PPT  (People, Process, Technology)

PPTI  (People, Process, Technology, Information)

P-TTL  (Pentax - Through The Lens)

PVCS  (Polytron Version Control System)

QNAME  (Qualified NAME)

RBAC  (Role Based Access Control)

RDD  (Resilient Distributed Databases)

REPL  (Read - Evaluate - Print Loop)

RIM-OS  (Research In Motion - Operating System)

ROFF  (I'll Run OFF a copy)

RPU  (Ray Processing Unit)

RS-MMC  (Reduced Size - MultiMedia Card)

RTE  (RealTime Enterprise)

RTMP  (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)

RUNOFF  (I'll RUN OFF a copy)

S5  (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System)

SAAS  (Software As A Service)

SAXON  (ON top of Simple Application programming interface (API) for eXtensible markup language (XML))

SCIM  (Smart Common Input Method)

SEP  (Simple Event Processing)

SHIFT JIS  (SHIFT Japanese Institute of Standards)

SIOX  (Simple Interactive Object Extraction)

SISSL  (Stanford university network (SUN) Industry Standards Source License)

SJIS  (Shift Japanese Institute of Standards)

SLI16X  (Scalable Link Interface 16 times)

SLI32X  (Scalable Link Interface 32 times)

SLI8X  (Scalable Link Interface 8 times)

SLP  (System Locked Preinstallation)

SM  (Shader Model)

SMACK  (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka)

SMART  (Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Reasonable, Timely)

SMARTQVT  (SMART Query/View/Transformation)

SMF  (Service Management Facility)

SOA-RM  (Service Oriented Architecture - Reference Model)

SODA  (Simple Object Database Access)

SOE  (System Of Engagement)

SOLO  (Standalone OpenLaszlo Output)

SOR  (System Of Record)

SPARK SQL  (apache SPARK Standard Query Language)

SPDC  (Self-Protecting Digital Content)

SPECJBB2005  (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation Java server Business Benchmark 2005)

SWA  (Simple object access protocol (SOAP) With Attachments)

SWEBOK  (SoftWare Engineering Body of Knowledge)

TCAM  (Ternary Content Addressable Memory)

T-DMB  (Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)

TGN  (Task Group N)

TGNSYNC  (Task Group N SYNChronization)

TINYVM  (TINY Virtual Machine)

TNC  (Trusted Network Connect)

TOGAF  (The Open Group Architecture Framework)

TROFF  (Typesetter I'll Run OFF a copy (ROFF))

TSX  (Transactional Synchronization Extensions)

TTCN-3  (Testing and Test Control Notation Version 3)

TTL  (Through The Lens)

TT-RAM  (Twin Transistor Random Access Memory)

TTW  (Through The Web)

U3  (simplified for YOU, smarter about YOU, as mobile as YOU)

UDIMM  (Unbuffered Dual Inline Memory Module)

UFIR  (Ultra Fast InfraRed)

UPA  (Universal Powerline Association)


VDA  (Verband Der Automobilindustrie)

VDE  (Virtual Distributed Ethernet)

VLP  (Very Low Profile)

VOWIFI  (VOice over WIreless FIdelity)

VPS  (Virtual Private Server)

WADL  (Web Application Description Language)

WAIK  (Windows Automated Installation Kit)

WHATWG  (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group)

WINRAR  (WINdows Roshal ARchive)

WMS  (Web Map Service)

WORDML  (WORDprocessing Markup Language)


WSN  (Web Services Notification)

WS-P  (Web Service Policy)

WSRF  (Web Services Resource Framework)

WWISE  (WorldWIde Spectrum Efficiency)

XAP  (eXtreme Application Platform)

XBOX  (directX BOX)

XDA  (CROSSover Digital Assistant)

X-FI  (eXtreme FIdelity)

XFORMS  (eXtensible markup language (XML) FORMS)

XIM  (X Input Method)

XINCLUDE  (eXtensible markup language (XML) INCLUDE)

XJCONF  (eXtensible markup language (XML) Java CONFiguration)

XML11  (eXtensible Markup Language 11)

XRENDER  (X windows RENDERing extension)

XSTREAM  (eXtensible Markup Language (XML) STREAM)

XTF  (eXtensible Tag Framework)

XWSS  (eXtensible markup language (XML) and WebServices Security)

ZCML  (Z object publishing environment (ZOPE) Configuration Markup Language)

ZDM  ()

ZEO  (Z object publishing environment (ZOPE) Enterprise Objects)

ZEROMQ  (ZERO Message Queue)

ZMI  (Z object publishing environment (ZOPE) Management Interface)

ZYNOS  (ZYxel Network Operating System)