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Abkürzung Bedeutung
10GBE 10 GigaBit Ethernet
ACP Analog Content Protection
A-I3 Arbeitsgruppe Identität Im Internet
AIRA Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent
AMQP Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
ANC Active Noise Cancellation
ANR Active Noise Reduction
AOE Advanced technology attachment Over Ethernet
APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling
ARN Amazon Resource Name
ATI Array Technology Incorporated
AVC Asia Vital Components
AVM Audio Visuelles Marketing
BDE Bitlocker Drive Encryption
BFF Bottom Field First
BFI Black Frame Insertion
BH BlakHole
BI Business Intelligence
BIBO Be In / Be Out
BIBTEX BIBliography Tau, Epsilon, Chi
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
BSP BootStrap Processor
C&Q Cool AND Quiet
CACERT Certification Authority CERTificates
CDD Compatibility Definition Document
CEB Compact Electronics Bay
CICO Check In / Check Out
CLOB Character Large OBject
CLOOP Compressed LOOP device
CMSS-3D Creative MultiSpeaker Surround THREE Dimensions
CMT Concurrent Multi-Threading
COPP Certified Output Protection Protocol
CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
CQRS Command-Query-Responsibility-Segregation
CRASH Common ReusAble SHell
CRC32 Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRC32C Cyclic Redundancy Check Castagnoli
CVE Common Vulnerabilitiy and Exposure
DANTE Deutschsprachige ANwendervereinigung Tau, Epsilon, chi (TEX)
DCA Direct Connect Architecture
DCC Debian Core Consortium (DCC Common Core)
DCE Dead Code Elimination
DDL Dolby Digital Live
DDPLUS Dolby Digital PLUS
DGON Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation
DMA Digital Media Adapter
DNG Digital NeGative
DREAM Digital Rights Everywhere / Available Management
DSCP Differentiated Services CodePoint
DTCSA Digital Transition Content Security Act
DUART Dual Universal Asynchronuous Receive Transmit
DVB-T2 Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrian, 2nd generation
DVB-T2 HD Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrian, 2nd generation High Definition
DWT Dynamic hypertext markup language (DHTML) Widget Toolkit
EASSY Eastern Africa Submarine cable SYstem
ECIA Electronics Components Industries Alliance
EEB Entry Electronics Bay
EEPD Electronic Equipment Produktion und Distribution
EHS Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity
EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
ELSA ELektronische Systeme Aachen
ESIM Electronic Subscriber Identity Module
ETX Expected TRANSmission count
EVITA E-safety Vehicle Intrusion protected Applications
FBDEV FrameBuffer DEVice
FFDSHOW Fast Forward Direct SHOW
FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
FOTA Firmware Over-The-Air
FPFA Field Programmable Function Array
FROSCON FRee and Open Source CONference
FSB667 Front Side Bus with 667 megahertz
GAFA Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple
GAFANOMICS Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple ecoNOMICS
GATT Generic ATTribute
GMM Gaussian Mixture Model
GNS Global Navigation Systems
GPGME Gnu is Not Universal executor (UNIX) Privacy Guard Made Easy
GPLV3 Gnu is not unix (GNU) Public License Version 3
GPT Globally unique identifier Partition Table
GPX Global Positioning system (GPS) eXchange format
GRSC Global Radio Standards Collaboration
GSA Global mobile Suppliers Association
GSM Global Shape Modeling
HADR High Availability Disaster Recovery
HGMP Huawei Group Management Protocol
HKS Horowitz Key Server
HSARPA Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
HST High Soft Tech
HTT Hyper-Threading Technology
ICE Internet Communications Engine
ICH7DH Input/output Controller Hub 7 Digital Home
ICSTIS Independent Committee for the supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
ICUB Internet Cognitive Universal Body
IDC Integrated electronics (INTEL) Developer Center
IFR International Federation of Robotics
IGF Internet Governance Forum
IOSP Integration Operation Segregation Principle
IOT Internet Of Things
IP67 International Protection 6 / 7
IPF Itanium Processor Family
IPFW Internet Protocol FireWall
IS Image Stabilization
ISOBMFF International Standards Organization (ISO) Base Media File Format
IVE Instant Video Everywhere
JCSTRESS Java Concurrency STRESS tests
JDEPS Java DEPendency analysiS
JMH Java Microbenchmarking Harness
JSON-LD JavaScript Object Notation - Linked Data
L1D Level ONE Data
L1I Level ONE Instructions
LANCOM Local Area Network and COMmunication
LATEX LAmport Tau, Epsilon, Chi
LENS Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) Engineered Net Shaping
LEPS Local area network and communication (LANCOM) Enhanced Passphrase Security
LESS LargE-Scale Scrum
LIBRESWAN LIBRE Secure Wide Area Network
LLP Lead-Less lead-frame Package
LOB Large OBject
LOM Laminated Object Manufacturing
LRI Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique
LVS Low-Voltage-Swing
M3C Mikrocomputer und Musikelektronik Marketing und Consulting
M4B Motion picture expert group - 4 (MPEG-4) audio Book
MD-RAID Multiple Device Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks
MEOMS Micro Electro-Optical-Mechanical System
MESS Multiple Emulator Super System
MICRO SMDXT MICRO Surface Mount Device eXtended Technology
MIKTEX MIcro-Kid Tau, Epsilon, Chi
MINT Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft, Technik
MKB Media Key Block
MMC Mandatory Managed Copy
MMSH Microsoft Media Server Protocol over Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
MOC Meta Object Compiler
MOEMS Micro Optical-Electro-Mechanical System
MPEG-21 Motion Picture Expert Group - 21
MQTT Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
MRL Media Resource Locator
MSCHAPV1 MicroSoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol Version 1
MSCHAPV2 MicroSoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol Version 2
MTC Multi-Threaded Calculation
MUM Mensch Und Maschine
MUPAD MUlti Processing Algebra Data tool
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NESCOM NEw Standards COMmittee
NGMA Next Generation Micro-Architecture
NPAPI Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface
NPRE Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
NPVR Network Personal Video Recorder
NTD No Touch Deployment
OBD-2 On Board Diagnostics - 2
OCB Optically Compensated Bend mode
ODP.NET Oracle Data Provider for .NETwork
ODT Oracle Developer Tools
ODT OpenDocument-Text
OGO On the GO
OIN Open Invention Network
OMA-DM Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management
OMA-DS Open Mobile Alliance - Data Synchronisation
OPENSPARC OPEN Scalable Processor ARChitecture
OPENSWAN OPEN Secure Wide Area Network
OPENTC OPEN Trusted Computing
OPENVAS OPEN Vulnerability Assessment System
OPS Optischer PositionsSensor
OSDC Open Source Data center Conference
OST Office of Science and Technology
OXPS Open eXtensible markup language (XML) Paper Specification
P.A. SEMI Palo Alto SEMIconductor
PAPERO PArtner-type PErsonal RObot
PC/104 Personal Computer / 104 pins
PCI-X 100 Peripheral Component Interconnect - eXtended, 100 mega transfers per second
PDO Php: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) Data Objects
PGO Profile-Guided Optimization
PIHIR Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow
PIP Pin In Paste
PKS Public Key Server
PLE Property List Editor
PMP Portable Media Player
PMX PrimärMultipleX
PMXAS PrimärMultipleXAnschlusS
POMO Principle Of Mutual Oblivion
POP Package-On-Package
PPMD Prediction by Partial Match Derived
PPMP Production Performance Management Protocol
PROMOS PROfessional Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PSD Position Sensitive Detector
PSF Python Software Foundation
PSONE PlayStation ONE
PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language index
QFN Quad Flat No leads package
QOLSR Quality of service (QOS) in ad hoc networks using Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR)
RAC Read Ahead Cache
RAML Representational State Transfer (REST) Application programming interface (API) Modeling Language
REACTOS REACT Operating System
RGB24 Red Green Blue 24 binary digits (BITs)
RGMII Reduced Gigabit Media-Independent Interface
RIA Robotic Industries Association
RMII Reduced Media-Independent Interface
RP Rapid Prototyping
RS-232 Recommended Standard 232
RSVCD Robshot & bach Super Video Compact Disc
SAFE Scaled Agile FramEwork
SAT-3 South ATlantic 3
SBE System Builder Edition
SC SuperComputing
SDLLIB Simple Direct media Layer LIBrary
SGMII Serial Gigabit Media-Independent Interface
SIP Software Isolated Process
SIP Silicon Intellectual Property
SIPI Software Inter-Processor Interrupt
SKS Synchronizing Key Server
SL Stereo Litography
SLA Stereo LitogrAphy
SLED Software und systementwicklung (SUSE) Linus universal executor (LINUX) Enterprise Desktop
SOC Security Operations Center
SOEMT Switch On Event MultiThreading
SOP Same-Origin-Policy
SPECJBB2000 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation Java server Business Benchmark 2000
SRV RR SeRVice Resource Records
STAAD STructural Analysis And Design
STBC Space Time Block Code
STRONGARM STRONG Advanced Reduced instruction set computer (RISC) Machines
STRONGSWAN STRONG Secure Wide Area Network
STS Secure Token Service
SUL magnetically Soft UnderLayer
SVGALIB Super Video Graphics Array LIBrary
SXW Stanford university network (SUN) eXtensible markup language (XML) Writer
SYNCML-DM SYNChronisation Markup Language - Device Management
SYNCML-DS SYNChronisation Markup Language - Data Synchronisation
SYSFS SYStem File System
TEX Tau, Epsilon, Chi
THR Through-Hole-reflow
TL;DR Too Long; Didn't Read
TVODSL TeleVision Over Digital Subscriber Line
UDI Unified Display Interface
UFD Universal serial bus (USB) Flash Drive
UIB Umwelt Informatik Büro
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Access
UMPC Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer
UNIONFS UNIficatiON File System
URP Universal network objects (UNO) Remote Protocol
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office
UVD Unified Video Decoder
VEIL Video Encoded Invisible Light
VIA Very Innovative Architecture
VIOLA Vertically Integrated Optical Testbed for Large Application
VMBR Virtual Machine Based Rootkit
VMD Versatile Multilayer Disc
VMT Vertical MultiThreading
VPA Vodafone Personal Assistant
VPE Virtual Processing Element
VR Vibration Reduction
V-RAM Video encoded invisible light (VEIL) Rights Assertion Mark
VTD-XML Virtual Token Descriptor for eXtensible Markup Language
WF Windows workflow Foundation
WIKINGER WIKI Next Generation Enhanced Repository
WOWLAN Wake On Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
WPF Windows Presentation Foundation
WPF/E Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere
WPF/XAML Windows Presentation Foundation / eXtensible Application Markup Language
WRR Weighted Round Robin
XCP eXtended Copy Protection
XDSL-TV ANY Digital Subscriber Line - TeleVision
XGMII 10 Gigabit Media-Independent Interface
XHTML MP eXtensible HyperText Markup Language Mobile Profile
XML-RPC eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call
ZING Z39.50 International Next Generation
Z-RAM Zero-capacitor Random Access Memory

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